The Appeal of Hedi’s Saint Laurent.

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After three seasons, Hedi Slimane’s vision for Saint Laurent is set in stone. A dark, moody polished stone.I’ve always had a soft spot for Mr Slimane’s aesthetic since I first discovered his designs in 2004 while he was working as the Creative Director for Dior Homme. He embraced and celebrated being slim when it was unfashionable in the menswear industry, and as a size 28 jean at the time, I welcomed it with opened arms and wallet!

I for one was overjoyed when he reentered the fashion arena and took creative control of YSL and the male form. Too long had the muscled boys ruled the roost.

After reverting the iconic house’s name back to when Yves himself  launched the ‘Saint Laurent Rive Gauche’ line and store of the same name in the 1960’s, Mr Slimane set his sights on reducing not only the age of the YSL customer, but their waist size as well. Ultimately becoming one of the most successful rebranding stories in fashion history.

One of my favourite pieces from his work besides his multi-panelled biker and leather jeans, is his leather jackets… I can’t describe the levels of perfection they reach. From the construction to the fabrication, everything has Mr Slimane’s signature aesthetic and my unwavering devotion.

Leather jacket from Saint Laurent.

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