Wet Weather Ready…

20140503-093602 pm.jpgSince moving to London 5 years ago, I discovered pretty quickly the necessity for wet weather protection. I grieve for the items I have lost to the elements. Gucci boots ruined by snow, Rick Owens cashmere destroyed by rain and a Armani suede biker stained by sleet. They all hold a place in heaven and in my heart.

Alas, I found my saviour in Swedish outerwear brand Stutterheim. I’ve been a fan of theirs for a long time thanks to their bold colours and exceptional craftsmanship. Their raincoats are an undeniable must have for surviving the outdoors while not subtracting from an outfit’s overall look. In fact, the thick material not only protects my fragile fabrications but the rubber also adds a different texture to an outfit.

I guess my prayers have been answered.


Stutterheim coat, custom made leather sweatshirt, Acne dry coated jeans, Balenciaga leather Papier bag, Nike Air Max sneakers

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