Gentle Sole…

20140517-100541-pm.jpgI like to think I’m a spiritual person, I believe some soles are just meant to be in your life. You could walk an eternity in a pair of shoes and still be touched by their kind and gentle sole every time.

20140519-075735 am-28655776.jpg
I first discovered these three years ago while hurriedly shopping for a weekend in Cornwall and instantly fell for them thanks to their balance of being practical yet still wearable. Impressed by this rare quality in a piece of clothing, I purchased another 3 pairs out of fear of losing them from my life. Even though the first pair have passed on, I have never gotten more wear out of any other shoes before.

So as soon as the clouds parted, I was ready and waiting to get these shoes out for the sunny weekend. From city antics one day to beach dwelling the next, I’m thankful I’ve been blessed with such kind soles for all these adventures.

City outfit – shoes Flossy, jeans Cheap Monday, top Uniqlo, sunglasses Balenciaga, watch Michael Kors.

Beach outfit – shoes Flossy, shorts Alexander McQueen, top Uniqlo, sunglasses Celine, watch Michael Kors.

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