All The Louis’…

20140520-103346 pm.jpgI think Kylie Minogue put it best when she sang, “All the Louis’, that have gone before. They don’t compare, to you…” Or at least that’s what I’m singing after seeing Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut Cruise collection for Louis Vuitton.

20140520-103357 pm.jpgPresenting the collection in Monaco over the weekend, Ghesquière feed the hungry fashion crowd his marvelous interpretations of what and who the Louis Vuitton woman might be… Thank God she isn’t a Kardashian.

While the clothes were beautifully wearable, they were visually very Balenciaga. But the bags… The bags were the most refreshing Louis Vuitton bags in a long time. Sweet, slick and sophisticated, could Nicolas Ghesquière just have created the new must have bag? It feels like that Balenciaga magic might be rubbing off on this old French fashion house…

20140520-103410 pm.jpg

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