Snakes And Lovers

20140520-095848 pm.jpgSometime I feel like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, other times I feel like I’m carrying the height of chicness on my back. There are very few trend pieces I’ve purchased in the last few years that have had the ability to stand the test of time. Some things break and some things go out of style… But not a Marc Jacobs design.

20140520-100104 pm.jpgAfter deciding I deserved a birthday present that not only marked a milestone but also stated that I didn’t look a day over said milestone, I bought the Marc by Marc Jacobs Nifty Gifty backpack. It wasn’t easy to find and resulted in me paying a huge import tax, but it was worth it. With its contrasting luxe fabrication and utilitarian design, it definitely turns a few heads and some unwanted hand stroking.

20140520-100011 pm.jpgMaybe I’m clinging on to my youth but I like to think you can never be too old for some python… Just look at James Goldstein.

Backpack Marc By Marc Jacobs, shirt Uniqlo, sunglasses Balenciaga, watch Michael Kors

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