On Your Bike

imageSince 1950, no image has been more alluring to rebellious individuals than that of a biker boy. With their slicked back hair, heavy boots, thick leather jackets and fitted trousers, these bad boys on bikes have been turning heads since Marlon Brando popularized them on film.

imageBesides stealing hearts, biker boys have been influencing fashion decade after decade. While the leather jacket has never really gone out of style, the biker trouser has been gaining popularity in the commercial market season after season thanks to brands like Balmain and Saint Laurent.

imageRepeated collection after collection, Balmain has become famous for its biker trousers that have evolved in fabrications of leather, jersey and denim, helping to expand their appeal. While Saint Laurent has gone done the motor cross path creating sculpted leathers that mimic the extreme sports safety gear. A sure sign of their influence, both have shown up on the high street this season in various forms.

imageI live day to day in any jean that is either glazed, coated, waxed or wet look, extra points if they are leather. So naturally I am attracted to a biker trouser with their multi panels, slim cuts and excessive zips.

While they exude coolness, it must be the look of danger that has caused so many people to buy into them. Do we want to look like we are risking our lives daily through fashion? Whatever the reason, imagine the coolness of accessorising them with an actual motorcycle…

imageShirt Uniqlo, biker jeans Zara, watch Michael Kors, trainers Nike Air Max

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