Mesh Results…

imageGood girls wear lace. It gives the illusion that they are virginal and lady like. Bad boys wear mesh. It gives the illusion that they are rough and tough… But isn’t mesh just the male version of lace? It’s such a delicate fabric, so why can’t the boy be?

imageMesh, it’s the one texture we can’t get enough of in menswear at the moment. Whether it’s being used as either an athletic, gothic or technology reference, it has popped up in every major designers collection thanks to its affordability.

imageI personally love the sports luxe trend, it’s so easy to buy into and adapt to your own wardrobe. Even when I want to dress professional, it still manages to sneak its way into my outfit. Like for the second day of London Mens: Collections, I wanted a to contrast a minimal black jacket and trouser with something a little more delicate like a mesh t-shirt… I can’t argue with the final mesh results, but I’m no bad boy.


Customized jacket Topman, t-shirt Topman, jeans Cheap Monday, trainers Nike, watch Michael Kors.

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