Touring Normcore

Normcore, it’s taken over the season and subjected us to white socks, Birkenstocks and dad jeans… Not really me. But I do love dressing like a tourist. And maybe that’s why I love Raf Simons, with his boxy childlike designs I feel like I’m dressing up but in an unpretentious way.

imageWhile Raf isn’t necessarily normcore, his aesthetic does link to it- unpretentious, average-looking clothing that’s designed to be unisex. Take Rihanna for instance, after she wore his printed neoprene tunic, I saw more girls than guys adorning the SS14 design. And why shouldn’t they?

imageWhile normcore wearers choose clothing that is undistinguished except for a highly visible branded logo, I prefer my clothing to remain nameless… Fashion has to have some mystery! So although I might not be exactly into normcore, I’ll happy dress like a tourist in their town.


imageTop Raf Simons, shorts Alexander McQueen, sandals Armani, watch Calvin Klein, sunglasses Balenciaga.

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  1. August 17, 2014 / 5:23 pm

    Another strong look. The simplicity of Raf’s menswear is superb. You pull it off well.

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