Let Them Pretend To Eat Cake…

1086_page_112_portraitFashion and food have always gone hand in hand. Decadence knows no limits or categories, think of Marie Antoinette who lavished herself with just as much extravagant food as she did with clothing. But the association of food with fashion in today’s industry is quite funny seeing as stereotypically models don’t eat, yet we still use it as a tool to sell products.

After Kate Moss once declared “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, are we just putting food in fashion now to convince the world that models do eat? That they are just natural thin and everything about them and the industry is healthy?

1086_page_113_portraitFashion is all about selling a dream, and what greater dream is there then being able to eat whatever you want and yet still looking as thin as someone like Cara Delevingne. And while visually I love her new shoot entitled ‘Sweetie’ in the FW14 issue of Love Magazine, I can’t help but find irony in the fact that they chose a thin model and surrounded her with food.

So what message does this put across, that you can be this thin and eat these kind of foods? Well, we can all dream can’t we?



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