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Carmen Dell'Orefice Vogue Japan Moschino While the world is quickly sinking into the quicksand like trend of normcore (warning – the more you struggle, the quicker you are swallowed), it seems Karl Lagerfeld really hit a nerve with his SS14 Chanel couture show. While not everyone can walk down the runway, anyone can go to the supermarket and strut… Is the supermarket the everyday woman’s catwalk?

Vogue Japan SupermarketMaybe so, in the 1940s & 1950s the supermarket was a hub of housewives showing off their latest buys to each other. Is this really that different from what we do today in the workplace? While times might have changed and it’s no longer a crime to not wear your Sunday best to buy groceries, fashion is desperately looking back and trying to grasp onto some old world glamour like in Anna Dello Russo’s latest editorial for Vogue Japan.

Carmen Dell'Orefice Vogue Japan SupermarketTaking the bore out of the supermarket and injecting it with Balenciaga, Anna Dello Russo brings a sense of humour to the shoot with manga cartoon outfits and surrealist styling on models Mariano Ontanon, Alessio Pozzi, Lindsey Wixson, Catherine Loewe and Hanne Gaby Odiele.

Tom Ford Vogue Japan SupermarketAnd while this isn’t the first time I’m commented on the irony of the association of food and fashion in today’s advertising, I still find it amusing when stereotypically models don’t eat, we still use food as a tool to sell fashion. But this feels like a fantasy story rather than a propaganda poster to say the fashion industry is healthy. I just wish people dressed like this at my Sainsbury’s…

Carmen Dell'Orefice Vogue Japan Supermarket

Vogue Japan Supermarket

Carmen Dell'Orefice Vogue Japan Supermarket

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  1. September 5, 2014 / 1:13 pm

    This editorial is actually awesome. I love everything about it. And I agree with you, if only everyone looked like this when I went to the supermarket… Maybe I would eat a little more.

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