I Want It Now!

Cara Delevingne W MagazinePeople might come and go from your life but they always leave an impact. Whether it is a good or a bad one, it can still be there years later. One such person that came into my life and taught me one of the biggest life lessons is Veruca Salt. Yes, Willy Wonka’s Veruca Salt.

As the original girl who wanted everything, she could have taught Madonna a thing or two about living in a material world with the constant demands for the finest things in life. Whether you like it or not, who else taught an entire generation about the joys of instant gratification with lines like “But daddy I want it now!”?

And I couldn’t reminded more of the British brat than seeing Cara Delevingne made up almost identically to the children’s character for the October issue of W Magazine with her 60’s childlike attire… But I’m sure Cara doesn’t run to her daddy demanding things right away, she has her own money.

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