Balenciaga Blues…

I’ve long had a on and off again relationship with Balenciaga and it’s pouches. After purchasing my first one upon moving to London and discovering Matches, I was beyond smitten with it Balenciaga classic. While I thought we were meant to be together forever, a mugger decided that he wanted it and not only stole it along with my iPad, wallet and passport, he also stole my brand new shearling jacket.

Mens Balenciaga While being upset about my loss, it wasn’t until I realised that the police investigating the crime couldn’t grasp the gravity of the situation, let alone what ‘a Balenciaga’ was that I finally became heartbroken. Unable or willing to replace my first love, I decided to purchase a different type of Balenciaga pouch, a woven canvas and leather document style that has helped to ease the pain.

Mens Balenciaga Since Nicolas Ghesquière’s departure, I’ve made my views pretty clear about the future of mine and Balenciaga’s relationship. Feeling a little sad at my lack of Balenciaga action lately, I decided to break out some old Ghesquière design from the back of my closet and have rediscovered my love for this document case. And suddenly my Balenciaga blues have faded away…

Mens Balenciaga

Mens Balenciaga

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  1. September 23, 2014 / 9:50 am

    That’s sad news about your original one, it is a horrible thing to happen to you. For me Balenciaga was all about Nico, I’m not wild on the Wang pieces. I think it’s lost it’s sparkle. You’ve tempted me to bring out my old pieces now…

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