Iconic Underwear

Nick Jonas Calvin Klein Underwear Long before Tom Ford was selling us sex by the season, Calvin Klein was creating a whole new industry by producing campaigns that indicted both sexes into caring about mens underwear. Most famous was Mark Wahlberg’s famous 1992 campaign where the ‘rapper’ wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Kleins playfully grabbed his crotch.

Nick Jonas Calvin Klein Underwear Fast forward 20 plus years later where a generation of youth might not know the iconic image, Nick Jonas is making sure they get to experience the joys of it for themselves. Shot for the new issue of Flaunt magazine, the 22-year-old mimicks Marky Mark’s famous pose alongside some other risqué shots to shake off his former Disney image.

Nick Jonas Calvin Klein Underwear But in a world where we have seen Rihanna wearing much less walking down the street or Miley Cyrus in a music video, is this really that provocative? While it may have shocked 20 years ago, today it just delights…

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