Lazy Dressing

Is it just me or is fashion actually getting lazy? Long gone are the seasons of skin tight leather trousers and tailored second skin shirts, now everything has gone oversized. From coats, jogging trousers and sweatshirts, we seem to want to dress up by actually dressing down. So have we become lazy dressers or are we just more accepting of different body shapes?

Mens designer sweatshirtAs a self-professed lover of the sports luxe and normcore trends that have really helped to shape this approach to dressing, I can’t say I’m against this new relaxed attitude. As I tend to be a lazy dresser, I’ll even go to the trouble of making the item myself just save on shopping for something and the amount of time it takes to get dressed.

Mens designer sweatshirtTake my sweatshirt for example, I love the combination of the sweatshirt and the cotton shirting creating the optical illusion of a layered outfit, when it is in fact just one oversized comfortable sweatshirt… Could getting dressed be any easier than just throwing on a sweatshirt?

Mens designer sweatshirt

Mens designer sweatshirt

Mens designer sweatshirtSweatshirt custom made by me, trousers Dior Homme, sunglasses Balenciaga, watch Giorgio Armani, shoes Flossy’s

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