The Age Of Prada

Prada Resort ss15The fashion industry is constantly plagued by controversies. And while most fade away, some topics continue to create endless debate. Whether it’s about how young or how thin they are, issues related to models are particularly persistent. And pretty much no brand is immune to the backlash, even Prada. After their SS15 runway show early this year, the Italian brand was attacked for featuring not just thin models but also young models including 14 year old Roos Abels.

Prada Resort ss15But in typical Prada fashion, the iconic Italian brand is sticking to their aesthetic that has helped them to stand out from the pack and casts young and upcoming models of the moment Adrienne Jüliger, Ine Neefs and Moya Mardy in its new resort campaign. Launching alongside a video by Steven Meisel, the photographer captures the three girls who look more like they have to ask their parents for Prada rather than buying it themselves. But While Prada can do no wrong in my eyes, I can’t help but wonder if the Prada ‘woman’ looks this young, then the Miu Miu girl must still be in diapers.

Prada Resort ss15

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