Kanye’s Kardashian…

In fashion you have to take the good with the bad, embrace the good trends and ride out the bad ones… I guess you can’t always control what the consumer wants. Just like their love for the Kardashians. If there is one person I’ve criticised more than anyone else it has to be Kim Kardashian. While I don’t acknowledge the rest of them, I tolerate Kim because of Kanye’s influence on her.

Kim Kardashian Vogue AustraliaAnd while its not always evident, her latest cover for Vogue Australia has Kanye West’s magic minimalist touch all over it. Sticking to a muted colour combination and natural look while frolicking along the beach, the reality star shows off her her curves in a complete different way to her Playboy days. While his critical acclaimed music is what he is best known for, perhaps his project of turning Kim Kardashian into something credible might actually be his greatest achievement… Kudos Kanye, Kudos.

Kim Kardashian Vogue Australia

Kim Kardashian Vogue Australia

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