Substance Abuse…

Sometime fashion can be the most frustrating thing in the world. It builds itself on an illusion that everything has to have substance and credibility… But then brands so frequently bow to pressure and jump on the celebrity bandwagon and before you know it they are sending Kris Jenner clothes and inviting her to their fashion shows… While some people will say this is classism or snobbery, I just think this is taste levels.

Vanessa Paradis Chanel SS15 bagTake for instance the new Chanel ‘Three Girls, Three Bags’ campaign. Does anyone actually want to be Kristen Stewart or Alice Dellal (Vanessa Paradis just scraps by due to my fondness for that front tooth gap)? What have these ‘girls’ ever contributed artistically to fashion let alone to anything remotely creative? Why do brands think that we will excuse celebrity endorsements and just roll over and take it from them because they happen to be wearing Chanel? I guess sometimes in fashion there is far too much style and not enough substance.

Alice Dellal Chanel SS15 bag

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