With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

They say ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, yet very few brands in fashion acknowledge that while their latest designs are selling out, that they also have the opportunity to change the way we think and shop. Founded in 1976 during Munich’s golden days, MCM standing for Modern Creation München, was born out of a desire to be different, a quest for perfection through unquestionable craftsmanship and continued reinvention. Launched with humble beginnings as a travel luggage set that was a little unexpected and a little rebellious, MCM has since exploded into a global phenomenon with a cult-like following.

MCM EKOCYCLE™So as it has reached the four corners of the world in the modern digital age where we have speed the merry-go-round of fashion up by demanding more collections, more collaborations and more exclusives all with demanded with no delays, waiting or patience, it has become more vital than ever to not only educate consumers about eco-concious purchases, but to also offer them. Enter MCM’s new collection that ‘transforms one man’s trash into a trendsetter’s tote’ that really does ask are you responsible for your style?

MCM EKOCYCLE™Launched as a visionary project with the goal to inspire society to look at waste as a resource to be harnessed, MCM teams up with Coca-Cola & will.i.am for the new collaboration entitled EKOCYCLE™. With the ambition to empower consumers to proactively seek out more sustainable lifestyle choices, EKOCYCLE™ celebrates style and sustainability while still maintaining MCM’s consistent strive for perfection – a rare feat in fashion.

MCM EKOCYCLE™So as someone that usually has about 10 things in their hand all while trying to take a photo, I am an avid fan of a good backpack. It’s the must have accessory for modern life on the go. So even though I’m not a consumer of disposable fashion, I do consumer a lot fashion (I have a shopping problem) and have to take responsibility for the part I have had in the speedup state the industry is in and the effect it has had on the environment. It’s nice to see brands like Coca-Cola and MCM taking responsibility too.




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