Science Lesson

They say fashion is art. But I have to say that fashion is equally a science. So as every design is an experiment, every designer is therefore a scientist… And perhaps one of the greatest masters of the fashion laboratory has to be Raf Simons. Just look at the Belgium designer’s AW15 collection featuring long white cotton coats as key items for the season by presenting them in multiple variations on the runway.

Raf Simons coat AW15 Ultimately trying to reinvent the humble lab coat but with a four figure price tag, Raf’s designs are scrawled with graffitied like slogans and illustrations of lessons, notes and sayings (my personal favourite has to be ’No boy may enter a laboratory unless a master is present’). So even though they are a little indulgent, maybe even a little impractical, as long as I get to wear his designs, I’ll happily be one of Raf’s experiments.

Raf Simons coat AW15

Raf Simons coat AW15

Coat Raf Simons, knit H&M, jeans Balenciaga, trainers Supra, sunglasses Balenciaga

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