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In life you have to take the good with the bad. Whether it’s buying a pair of amazing Saint Laurent jeans and receiving a hefty chunk of credit card debt or just having a few drinks to toast in the weekend only to suffer the next day with a hangover… Having recently suffered the side effects of the latter after a night out and feeling in a rather fragile state, I decided to make like Nylon in order to get through the day. Invented in 1935, the humble synthetic fabrication that started as a bristled toothbrush before moving into women’s stockings is hailed for its durability against elements.

Raf Simons Nylon Spring Summer T-shirtAnd maybe that’s what also enticed Raf Simons to be inspired by the fabrication when he emblazoned, embroidered, beaded and sequinned pieces from his collection with industrial and consumerism slogans like Nylon. So what better mentality to have when trying to get over a hangover and all you would rather be do is licking your self-inflicted wounds in bed than a Nylon state of mind?

Raf Simons Nylon Spring Summer T-shirt

Raf Simons Nylon Spring Summer T-shirt

Embellished t-shirt Raf Simons, jeans Cheap Monday, trainers SUPRA, sunglasses Balenciaga

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