Maybe it’s a mirage or maybe it really is on the horizon albeit a teeny tiny glimpse of what’s coming… but still I can see Summer. Maybe it’s after having spent a week in Sweden where it was minus 19 degrees at the coldest and having arrived back into London where it is currently 13 degrees. It all just feels positively balmy right now as I can feel the heat coming even if it is arriving at a glacial pace… But if you need any more proof of Summers approach, check out the latest End Of The Year Shoot by Pedro Pedreira featuring a slew of Brazilian boys including Danilo Fonseca, Filipe Hillmann, Francisco Rath, Otavio Sohn, and Piero Rechia do what Brazilians perhaps do best, poolside poses that show off their tiny speedos, muscles and Summery glows. Believe me now about Summer?


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