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We humans our creatures of habit, before January even has time to showcase itself we drag our feet into the new year as if we are being forced to live. So if you are reading this then you made it through blue Monday – allegedly the most depressing day of the year (Jan the 15th). But why be miserable about something you can’t change? January will always happen. But maybe that’s just my thought process, I like winter, I like January (not just because of my birthday) and think we are way too harsh on it. Why be so tough on something before it has even had a chance to start? Elevate your thoughts, elevate your attitude, elevate your mind as things can only be as bad as you allow them to be. So perhaps this January we should take a close look at ourselves and change our habits and patterns for 2018. Unless if they are as glorious as a Wooyoungmi paisley printed shirt then keep doing you!

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Shirt Wooyoungmi @ Harvey Nichols, trouser Burberry, rollneck ASOS, trainers Common Projects

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    • lkrss
      January 30, 2018 / 10:00 am

      It is such a stunning shirt… I could totally see you working it! I only use DHL! x

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