They say you are what you wear. If our attire defines who we are then I guess that means I must be London. By that I don’t mean the citizens of London, they are too much of an eclectic mix to reflect, it would just end up looking like a blur of colour and shapes without any constraint. But my style is most definitely a reflection of what I see in London. Maybe it is like parroting, when you pick up accents or dialects subconsciously from people you constantly hang around, but I feel I do this visually with London. The weather, the architecture and the pace of the city molds my moods and aesthetic as it guides my hand when it reaches into one of my closets to pull out my #ootd. At the moment I feel like I’m mirroring the weather with a colour palette that sums up a typical British day – muted, murky and dreich tones of blues, white, greys and blacks in lose, oversized and relaxed cuts like my new effortlessly chic Charlie May coat that is perfect for the season. Just looking at me will remind you that Winter is still here in London and Summer is a long way off.

Coat Charlie May Menswear, shirt Acne Studios, rollneck ASOS, sweatpants Our Legacy, Hammock bag Loewe, trainers Common Projects


    • lkrss
      March 9, 2018 / 3:33 pm

      It’s one of my favs!

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