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When it comes to defining luxury, I’ve always considered it to represent the cream of the crop, the most desirable bags, perfectly tailored pieces and the most expensive fabrications but most defiantly not underwear. Sure you have brands that create better products than others and you have ones that look more luxe than another but I’ve never consider underwear to fall into a luxury category. That was until it dawned on me the other day while flicking through the new DSQUARED2 underwear and swimwear look book featuring Trevor Signorino, that people actually buy designer underwear? It is thriving market, keeps brands profitable and receives a lot of press – just look at the last Tom Ford show where it received rave reviews for the extensive range of skin tone boxer shorts, but who in their right mind goes out of their way to spend 40 plus pounds on a garment that no one else might ever see. We don’t all look like Trevor with his tanned bulging muscles when we slip on a pair of briefs, but maybe that is why underwear sells so well, people think their ass will look as peachy as his when they slip on a pair of boxers. I guess at the end of the day £40 is a small price to pay for a little false confidence. And that is luxury everyone can afford.

See the latest \French Boys Do It Better… shoot.

See the latest \French Boys Do It Better… shoot.

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