Summer Suits You…

When you think of Summer fashion, one can’t help but daydream about cut off shorts, vest tops and flip-flops, but why can’t it be something a little more sharp and classic? Why can’t we make the season work for us? Picture this, the sun is beating down, it’s 20 plus degrees (which constitutes a heatwave here in London) and you find yourself trawling your closet for something to wear that will help you survive the sweltering heat yet still maintain a suave look whether it be for a special occasion or simply the office. Enter Summer Suiting. Just because the weather is a little warmer doesn’t mean we have to abandon tailoring altogether, why not just update your suiting with some Summery pieces to give your look some seasonal flare while still staying true to your style. Forget long sleeve shirts, forget ties and forget minimalism. Summer is the season to have a little fun – for me that is the perfect time to embrace a printed short sleeved shirt, fresh knitted white trainers, and a crisp white tee to bring a seasonal twist to a classic suit like this Richard James style for a gimmick free look. So while you can’t tailoring the seasons to you, you can tailor yourself to the seasons at House of Fraser and with just a few little tricks you could suit Summer like I have.

Suit Richard James, shirt Paul Smith, t-shirt Paul Smith, trainers Paul Smith, sunglasses Armani Jeans


    • lkrss
      May 10, 2018 / 10:37 am

      I’ll take it with the pun and without!

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