The Originals

Originality. I was taught a clever little mantra when I entered the world of fashion from the world of Coco Chanel – ‘Only those without memory insist on their originality’. Those simple 8 words were drummed into my daily and have defined my outlook on creativity. One can simple not go around pointing the finger at other people for referencing the past when everything that has come along was built upon the foundations of history. It’s basic evolution, we constantly tweak things to make them better than they were before which makes me wonder what is really original anymore? Enter nature, simple florals like wisteria have inspired countless creatives for centuries with their delicate design and colourings, and yet no matter how hard we try to duplicate florals, we just can’t compete with the real things. Thats the thing about originals, you can imitate but you can’t duplicate.

Shirt Noma T.D @ Harvey Nichols, trousers Dries Van Noten @ Harvey Nichols

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