Serum For Sharing…

If you asked me 10 years ago what I did and didn’t share with people, I would have been able to give you a list as long as my arm. Not because I didn’t feel like sharing, but because I just don’t think anyone cared. I would never go out of my way to tell random people what I just ate for breakfast let alone, my grooming routine. Why would anyone want to know what moisturiser I use, yet now after years of hearing how we should open up more and the explosion of social media, I find myself talking, tweeting and snapping away my latest must have serums to a point where I feel like I have nothing more to say except that they work. Which leads me to the point of this post, talking about Dr Barbara Sturm. After meeting her at a recent event and having her lay her hands upon me (she literally did) and massage in products that changed not just my skincare routine but also my outlook – I can try new things.

For so long I’ve been avoiding certain brands and ingredients believing that they wouldn’t agree with me (after having an allergic reaction where your eyes swell shut from Le Mar, you tend to be incredibly selective). But that all changed for me with Dr Barbara Sturm’s range from the texture to the clarity but most importantly the sensitivity. So in an age where we overshare everything even when we think we are being subtle, I’m literally going to scream it from the rooftop when something works as well as these magic little serums. After all, sharing is skincaring.

Calming Serum, Sun Drops SPF50, Hyaluronic Serum all Dr Barbara Sturm

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