The Emperor’s New Clothes…

Sex sells. We all know that. There probably hasn’t been a single product promoted over the last couple of decades that hasn’t used some kind of bare skin to shift a product. But in fashion, when does showing skin start to overshadow the clothes? Aren’t we all here to sell and buy some products yet time and time again we barely show anything but flesh. Maybe there isn’t anything worth showing or maybe in the case of Berluti’s new campaign featuring male models Ewan Murray, Josef Ptacek, and Rodrigue Durard naked, it’s a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Or at least maybe that’s the spirit of it – just like in the story if you can’t see the invisible clothes, then you are stupid or incompetent. It wouldn’t be the first time this kind of attitude has been present in fashion and maybe it’s return is a revolt against the current climate of inclusiveness that luxury fashion is struggling to take on board. But I can’t imagine Kris Van Assche being like that, he helped herald the streetwear trends into high fashion anyway. But maybe I’m biased, I’ve never made my unwavering devotion to all things Kris Van Assche and the Dior Homme aesthetic a secret, so I can only assume it is a PR stunt, a tactic to announce the arrival of the Belgian designer. Whatever the reason I’m sure these three male models will be selling product either way.

See the latest See Fresh, So Clean

See the latest See Fresh, So Clean

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