Modern Day Explorer…

Whether it is water, land or even space it seems to be ingrained in our human nature to explore. Our constant thirst for knowledge and discovery equals our fascination to showcase to others just how clever we were in reaching said find. But in this modern digital age is there anything left to explore? Are there any more adventures to be had? Unlike with food, fashion and music where we can regurgitate ideas and redevelop them for a new generation, we don’t really have places on earth where man hasn’t stepped foot and claimed it as his prize. Now we just flock to isolated spaces accompanied by phones, cameras and crews to seek beauty, solitude and instagram likes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as guilty of searching out places of beauty just to get that incredible instagram shot and the only exploring I really do is online for new discoveries I can keep under lock and key in my wardrobe. Perhaps we have all become modern day explorers searching for new age discoveries like the perfect skin, latest must have t-shirt or the next food fad. So while you won’t find me trudging through the jungles of some exotic place, you can find me here in the UK posing it up under a palm tree (naturally in Loewe) in an urban jungle and exploring the possibilities of what it would look like if I did go off the beaten track into the wild… But until then I’ll just keep on having adventures in Fashion.

T-shirt Loewe @ Harvey Nichols, jacket RAINS, sunglasses Saint Laurent, trousers M&S, bag Loewe

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