Team Player

If I’ve said it once before than I will happily say it again, I am not a sporty person. I don’t watch the game, I don’t root for a team and I have never walked out of the gym (when I do manage to trick myself into going) and thought wow, that really was a fun way to spend my time. It’s just not in my nature. But funnily enough the more time I’ve spent in fashion, the more I’ve been influenced by sport. It has trickled into my inbox (all those designers doing collaborations with athletic brands) and into my wardrobe (Nike shorts are mu ultimate holiday wardrobe must-have) making me feel like I just can’t outrun it as it has gone from being a trend to becoming a lifestyle. Like an overworked muscle belonging to some gym rat I’m just not strong enough to deny a the irreverence of sportswear in high fashion. Take the AW18 Gucci collection inspired by Alessandro Michele’s love for his Yankees baseball cap, the current offering is splattered with logos from all the Major League teams meaning you have to either join in or get lost. And who in their right mind would go against Team Gucci with a polo shirt looks this good? Maybe I could be a team player after all.

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