Behaviour Patterns…

As the days in February begin to trickle in and 2019 is well and truly cemented, I’ve come to realise a few certain things about myself. Maybe it’s because I work in fashion where calendars run on a continuous repetitive cycle or maybe it’s because I’m a very organised person but I can’t help but feel that 2019 might just be a tad bit predictable. I can see my behaviour patterns, just like every other year I treat myself to a Paul Smith coat almost as a toast to the new opportunities of the following 12 months. But while some of my patterns (tartan in this instance) have become joyful traditions, there are others that I don’t wish to take forward. For instance, just going through the motions – the act of buying and wearing clothes like they aren’t a luxury but a necessity where their value isn’t taken into true account. I have become so far removed from myself before I discovered credit cards that I’ve forgotten fashion anticipation. It’s like sex is a race with no foreplay, a real get in/get out situation with loads of Prada being the goal in this scenario. I long to lust for a garment like I used when I didn’t have the budgets or debt to submerge both myself and my denial into. But this year, the first time credit card free I can look at a piece, and see if I desire it enough to fork over my own money and really treasure it. So while I’m breaking my patterns, how could I not wear a coat that literally symbolises broken patterns like this nifty credit card free purchase from Paul Smith. Here’s to 2019 not being predictable!
Coat Paul Smith, knit 3.1 Phillip Lim, trousers Norse Projects, bag Loewe, sunglasses EMON, trainers Adidas

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