The Sweeter Life…

Sometimes I feel I have to justify my actions – why I chose to wear what I did, how come I didn’t go to the gym today, why I need another Loewe Puzzle bag. But unlike those things that I feel I have to occasionally justify, there is one thing I find myself having to defend every single occurrence and that is taking time off. Relaxing, recharging, rejuvenating whatever you want to call chilling out, I feel it always has to come with an invisible disclaimer stating that while I’m flat on my back having sometime off, I’ve worked hard and do actually deserve this… Well I’ve decided to remove that disclaimer and add a new one, “Dolce far Niente.” Meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing” in Italian, this little phrase doesn’t mean being lazy but instead refers to the pleasure one can get from being static. Not rushing forward or sliding backwards, but indulging right here in the very idle moment. Which is exactly how we should be acting while on holiday. I don’t feel guilty that I spent time doing sweet nothing with someone special, just chilling out and soak up the salt and the sun. Especially when I’m so controlling for my normal life and hate wasting time, It’s these little moments that break up life and make it just a little sweeter.

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