50 Shades of Grey…

They say everything isn’t black or white, things can’t be that simple when there are so many shades between. Well I can’t help but feel at the moment we have lost sight of that. We like to put labels on things, you have to be on either side of the fence – you are either with us or against us… There is no in-between. There is only guilty or innocent. Which is a big problem in fashion at the moment. While the mud dries that has been slung on to the careers of stylists, casting directors, designers and photographers like Karl Templer and Bruce Weber – accused of inappropriate behaviour yet there are no judgements, no convictions. Should they be outcasted not just by society but the communities and industries they have contributed so much to? If John Galliano can be welcomed back into the fold can they not? Where are the shades of grey there? Apparently there is none when we don’t want to see them. We stand back so far to distance ourselves that the shades all blur into one and we can cast our judgement. It’s times like this we are able to easily deny that there are shades until something pretty and appealing draws us in to look closer like with male models (or any other pretty public figure) and all the colours spread back out. 50 shades of grey, speedos, and muscles with zero accountability featuring Alex Trevelin, Gabriel Vieira, Jonas Barros, Leonardo Brum, Lucas Evangelista, Lucas Teixeira for MAde In Brazil. So when the grey shades like this are so inviting, why are we so afraid to acknowledge them?


See the latest Spring has Sprung shoot.



See the latest Spring has Sprung shoot.



See the latest Spring has Sprung shoot.


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  1. Bailoir Smith
    February 21, 2020 / 4:54 am

    I love the introducton summsry to each individual photoshoots so impressed and so well written and professionally done and also love the name of this blog outstanding! ✈️

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