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Whether it is a physical or mental hunger, nothing seems to fuel me the way Paris does. Besides French Onion soup and that bread, the beauty of the buildings, the contrast of light, the luxury of negative space, Paris just always seems to revive me. It’s probably the only place in the world I consider as a seasonal pilgrimage – regardless of the weather it’s a place of luxury where I can explore streets without a care or pressure for time or schedule, continually searching for a new view to digest – especially when the light is this good.

But this trip was different, I felt like I wanted to revisit past adventures, maybe it was nostalgia and wanting to return to the first time I came but this time zipping along on electric scooters bouncing around the arrondissements and ending up at one of the most iconic views in the world – the Eiffel Tower. Not just classic Paris but classic full stop. A cityscape where something so monumental and distinct becomes a backdrop for another classic – the navy suit. But thanks to the 130 year old structure it makes a beautifully crafted Barena suit feel modern. Relaxed, crisp and made of springy wool that moves beautifully (even when scooting about it still looks chic flailing in the wind), it’s the perfect choice for tourist like adventures when you don’t want to be mistaken for one with their silly hats, selfie sticks and devouring of tranquility. I’ve always felt like Paris suited me, I guess now I suit Paris… Until next time.

Suit jacket and trousers Barena, top Ami Paris, bag Christian Dior Saddle bag, sunglasses EMON, sneakers Adidas

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