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London, often described as a creative hub where eclectic and outlandish ideas can be expressed and realised in many creative forms, really does offer up an abundance of music, food and fashion concepts that each push the boundaries of their fields but perhaps the most famous is the clothing industry which generates much shock and awe around this time of year thanks to London Fashion Week. But in a city like London where anything can be worn, fashion starts to merge with the architecture, art and nightlife that inspires it as they all fight for their creativity to be heard leaving everything ending up just feeling on par… If everything is screaming ‘look at me’, how can anything great be heard above the monotonous pitch? Incredible concepts, clever pieces of design get lost like this beautiful shirt from Swedish brand Our Legacy amongst the madness. The same for people, amazing and open as London is, it can feel equally suffocating and closed. The level of information we are bombarded with and expecting to relay on a daily bases, the fight for an inch of space we can claim for our own and the hectic pace can be overwhelming and leave us looking for an escape from it all… Or at least I did.

Which is how I guess I found myself in Mourèze, a tiny little town in the South of France where I could recharge, revive and reset amongst the arid mountain ranges. Surrounded by towering limestone pillars and silence, it truly felt like the perfect setting to finally wear a shirt I’d bought earlier in the season but had failed to take it out of my closet, I guess in all of the London hoopla this little bistro napkin print shirt (the brands humorous description) just got lost amongst all the noise of the crowded city but out here I could see it for what it truly was, a beautiful created boxy linen blend shirt with delicate mother of pearl buttons. In the open air it could finally breathe now and so could I.

Shirt Our Legacy, trousers Dries Van Noten, sunglasses Saint Laurent, vest top Uniqlo, sandals Teva

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