Give Me Space…

After talking to a friend recently about everything from consumerism, fashion weeks and the lack of desire towards current product offerings, I started to realise maybe I was suffering from fashion fatigue. 12 months ago I was credit card deep in purchases, constantly shopping and searching for that next fashion high but now, my online basket is empty, setting foot in a store is a real drag and tbh I just don’t really care about what colour Gucci has released their distressed logo tees in this season. I think I have got to that certain age where you feel like you have either seen everything (all that 90s shit coming back around) or everything just feels attainable.

I come from a generation that was brought up on exclusivity where luxury items weren’t mass produced and you couldn’t in a few clicks see everyone on instagram wearing the same logo tee. You could wear the same item for seasons and people wouldn’t know when and where it came from, shopping was more like an expedition to find something niche that no one else had. But now thanks to overexposure, nothing is making me jump off the couch and grab a credit card. Yes I still shop but if I’m told they are out of my size or I see some pop star wearing that piece, I don’t get annoyed like I used to. I just don’t have that attachment or desire anymore. Everything comes and goes except for one thing – space. The last true luxury left in the modern day is isolation. Being able to walk into a a building and not be surrounded by a 1000 people staring into their phones is really all I want in life right now. I know I can’t talk, I have this entire structure to myself and what do I do, I take pictures… But I guess I don’t want to flaunt some luxury goods when I can flaunt a luxury experience that so few others might get to experience, space.

Linen shirt Hecho, vest top Uniqlo, trousers NOMA t.d, trainers Common Projects, bag Baleciaga, sunglasses EMON

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