Safety First…

From a young age we are taught about safety, a simply little notion that we use to shape our lives from our early years until our end. It defines our motives and justifies our behaviour, think back to any decision in your life and I’m sure it was made with a thought about what would be the safe option in that scenario. I know I can, I’m a safe person, I make choices each day to protect myself and the ones I love. And it feels even more important now to be making safe decisions after months of isolation. So it seems strange to see normality resume. Attractions have reopened, bars have begun serving again, and fashion weeks have restarted just like before but even with all of the new precautions it just doesn’t hit the spot like it used to. Just because it seems like we are out of the weeds and into the open doesn’t mean we are necessarily in the clear. For me, safety is still important and has stopped me from returning to the city and indulging in my old lifestyle choices. But every now and again I feel the need to physically stretch my legs and mentally expand my brain. So any opportunity that comes along where I can be out in the open safely and see something other than my own four walls has me down to play. Things I took for granted before like touching sandstone walls, smelling summery flowers and taking in a view that wasn’t the length of my corridor all seem like new experiences. The actions might be fleeting but the memory will last a lot longer if done with precaution. And that’s the thing with being safe, you can only take things so far before you have to retreat to familiar territory to reassess the situation and decide what happens next. And there will be a next time as long as you remember to put safety first.

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