Summer Blues…

Now that the hot summery days have come to an end, I’ve begun to realise that while I have never considered myself a summer person before, something changed this year for me. The warmth of sunshine on my skin just felt comforting in a way it never has before. Maybe it made me feel like nothing had changed and we were all safe or maybe it made me feel like I was just on some never ending holiday filled with bottomless espresso martinis and a uniform of speedos… Which is something I never thought I’d say about a British Summer.

But we were lucky to get quite a few days of sun drenched weather this season, and not wanting it to end I thought I’d push my luck one more time to get one final beach day. One last rendezvous with Summer before I wave it off, pack away my speedos and hang up my light shirts (a blue embroidered Loewe number for this adventure). I’m not really sure how I’ll make it through the winter, I normally revel in coat weather but this one just feels daunting with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen next. But as I climb over sand dunes with the salty breeze on my skin, at least I know I had a good season… So good that I can feel the summer blues setting in.

Shirt Loewe, trousers Barena, sunglasses Dior Homme, bag Loewe Puzzle, shoes Rivieras

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