Shore Thing…

They say in life nothing is certain but death and taxes. Well, maybe that’s a generalisation to cover mankind but I’d like to add my own certain to the list – the ocean. In these trying times where it feels like we are in and out of lockdown with rules changing day to day, throwing our plans into chaos on top of the stress of just trying to maintain some kind of normality amongst the madness, I find that more than ever I need to go to a certain type of place for my wellbeing – the beach. There is just something about staring at the ocean that strikes fear in me but also soothes my soul. It’s like my sanctuary where everything comes into perspective once put against that massive body of water that just seems to remind me that my problems are insignificant.

And it works every time. As the waves wash away worries and the wintery sun melts concerns I feel for a brief few hours a sense of comfort. Just like I’m a kid back home at the beach playing in the waves where my feet can’t touch the ground with nothing on the horizon but the sun. And now as I find myself standing on the shoreline watching the ocean glisten in the light, things truly do come into perspective that don’t involve things like Prada bags (even though they offer their own unique comfort), and it feels like things are going to get better. Maybe it’s now having 2021 on the horizon or maybe in that moment I’m back home riding the waves into the shallows but the ocean certainly cleanses my mind every time, I guess you could say it’s a shore thing.

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