Right Direction…

They say in life it’s about the journey and not about the destination. On paper that makes sense, why would you not try and enjoy your time here on earth before you die. But in practise that seems a little harder when the end of times seems like it is looming at every turn these days. So it’s probably safer to turn back the clock instead of a corner to what feels like a million years ago (in reality September last year) that I was out of the house and exploring the Scottish highlands. Sadly though that adventure had to come to an end with me being dragged back to London weighed down by the despair of returning home to the same four walls I had been staring at for months. So heavy was the dread that I found myself looking for any excuse to drag the journey out and explore the countryside. Which is exactly how I found this little gem, a location I’d passed by many a time while zooming between London and the Highlands but never stopped as I was always about the destination. But this time was different, the appeal of this monumental building in Lancashire fed my eyes a feast of French architecture that they had been craving for months. So stop, smell the roses, take in the sights, enjoy the adventure for what it is and live that little mantra. And surely that new sense of appreciation for the journey will have you moving in the right direction.

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