Seasonal Offering…

In case you haven’t looked out your window Spring has sprung. I know that is a bold statement when just a few days ago it was snowing in the middle of April but make no mistake, Spring is here. Between the beauty of the blossom trees, short sleeve shirts from the darkest depths of your closet, the warmer dry breezes and the non stop hay fever, the season has changed and with it a new offering of hope. As my skin thaws out in the morning sunshine after what felt like the longest Winter ever, I think about the last 12 months, how far we have come, how little we have gained and all the sacrifices we have made in between. Maybe this is the last chapter of the current crisis and now we can just go forward from here with a new outlook on life. And maybe that is the best offering Spring can give us – hope.

Shirt Marni, vest top Uniqlo, trousers Maison Kitsune, sunglasses EMON

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