Ritualistic Behaviours

Rituals, routines, traditions – whatever you want to call the tiny series of repetitive actions we do everyday, there is no denying that they shape not just our lives but also our personalities. Any rite of passage, holiday, or even beauty regime is moulded by our own personal attributes. I have my own ritualistic behaviour, – yearly trips to the South of France, my morning run – serum – coffee order of starting the day, and Springtime road trips to see things like blanket floors of bluebells.

I know it seems simple, but it’s those little pleasures you have to hold on to in times like this. What else can I do when nothing is certain and living on the verge of going into another lockdown than look for signs that remind us that everything is temporary (specifically that the never-ending winter we just had has passed) and while not all of my traditions might happen for another year, some of my other routines still will and that’s what I’ll focus on for the time being, I just hope it’s temporary.

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