Tales From The High Seas…

You can’t always get what you want. Is there a more appropriate motto for life right now? It’s officially summer but only 16 degrees while outside its torrential rain. We were meant to be out of lockdown restriction but here we are for another 4 weeks still unable to leave this bleak country and even bleaker weather. But sometimes you do get what you want, a trip to the seaside, isolated beach fronts and boldly coloured JW Anderson rain jackets – all highs to lift you far enough up from the lows that you just can’t seem to remember them as they disappear into the waves below. So here is my tale from the high seas (high up in Scotland to be exact), it is a short one but important nonetheless. Although none of the factors were really that desirable (rain, wind, water so cold it hurt my skin, having to wear trousers) the location was still enchanting – I’d even go fas enough to say distracting. That’s the magic of the ocean, It’s horribly terrifying and unpredictable but it heals, smoothes and restores. Exactly the thing I need in the chaos and undesirable state we can’t seem to remove ourselves from. So while the conditions might not have been what I wanted, it turns out it was still exactly what I needed.

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