Comfort Is Key

Karl Lagerfeld once said ‘Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants’ and just like the designer himself who seems to have weirdly faded from fashion’s memory, so has this mentality about sweatpants or all comfortwear for that mater. Just look at the acceptance of Crocs into fashion, the rise of Yeezy hoodies and sweats or even our mentality to loungewear over the last 18 months of Covid lockdowns – comfort is key it seems and is unlocking our desires of practical attire.

Or least I’ve unlocked mine – over sized billowing polo shirts, baggy shorts and rubber clogs (not Crocs, I’m not that comfortable yet) all just to go about my day. When we get so few chances at the moment between the bleak British weather and not being in a lockdown, I don’t want to waste time feeling uncomfortable and wondering why I didn’t wear this or that when all I want is to be in the moment. So maybe Monsieur Lagerfeld was wrong about sweatpants being a sign of defeat, maybe buying sweatpants is you taking the first step to get back control of your life.

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