One Last Dip…

Summer is gone. It’s officially over which is actually quite funny because it felt like it never really arrived this year. Sure there were days were all you needed to wear was a speedo and a smile – which is a shame, I was all set for summer, literally with my little matching retro inspired set from CHÈ STUDIOS, waiting for the mercury to rise along with our spirits after the miserable year it’s been here in Britain, unfortunately it seems even summer didn’t want to be here on this bleak island. But after countless weeks of wishy-washy weather I decided to just lean into it and head to Scotland – if it’s going to be 20 degrees and rain then I’d rather have breathtaking views to distract me from the lack of sun.

Thankfully, Scotland delivers on more than just stunning views, especially once you get out to the remote Isles like Islay that has actually some of the most beautiful coastlines, crystal clear waters and empty beaches (now I know why). And occasionally it does throw you some summery weather. After a few days of chasing sunshine, dodging the occasional rain shower and beach hoping, the trip came to an end. Naturally, I wanted one last dip before we had to jet back to reality, but it wasn’t meant to be even though I was all set for the scene in my shorts and matching shirt – summer did not want to match with me. Maybe the seasons changed over night, maybe the weather threw a tantrum because it knew we were departing or maybe it was Scotland just being Scotland with it’s unpredictable weather… but either way I at least got a taste of what summer could have been, I guess I’ll just have to wait till next year for what summer should and been and get that last dip.

Shirt and shorts CHÈ STUDIOS

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