Go Green…

If there was a slogan for 2021, it would have to be Go Green. And if we are honest it’s just weird, we’ve seen and heard it all before thanks to the never-ending conversation in the fashion industry of – go green, buy sustainable, chose eco-friendly, that never really seems to go anywhere but on a press release. I’ve made my choice, I try to buy only investment pieces (whether they be cheap or expensive) that will last for a long time, that are mainly natural fibres and that I will get many wears out of or be able to sell on for someone else to enjoy. I only buy to replace not to expand and have a one out one in policy so as to limit my consumption. For me that is sustainable. Sure, it doesn’t always work, the heart wants what the heart wants after all, but it’s me trying my best to go green.

And now after all this talk over the last 12 months of going green, it has seeped into my brain in a different way. I’ve become obsessed with the colour. Avocado, khaki, forrest, sage – any natural looking shade of green and I’m entranced by it. My wardrobe has been invaded by a mass of green shades as if nature is reclaiming neglected spaces – like a recent green addition to my bag collection from Dior breaking up the blacks, navys and tans. But as much as I love and cherish the bag, I can’t help but feel guilt. Guilty about consuming something that might just be a trend colour, something that probably won’t be at the front of my wardrobe in a years time but more importantly, guilty for being brainwashed by a slogan that’s meant to have the opposite effect. Sure, this one purchase won’t make a bigger dent in the problem but it also doesn’t really solve it either… What it does do though is pacify my needs for another item and thanks to its weighty price tag it keeps me away from making a bunch of other purchases that may have a bigger impact on the environment. It’s not easy after all to go green, but I think I’m getting there.

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