Last Of The Leaves…

I can’t keep up. Literally, where has Autumn gone? December is here and still the leaves are falling to the ground. It seem just like yesterday (end of September), I was packing a bag and trekking through the Scottish highlands looking for Autumnal settings filed with toasty foliage and the crunch of dried bracken underfoot – I even dressed for the part, to be one with the setting but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Which isn’t really much of a surprise given that it never really felt like Summer arrived… Either it’s me, or the season’s just don’t seem to be matching up to the schedule.

Thanks to numerous lockdowns and isolations I feel like I’m become more aware of my surroundings mainly due to not being in an office or leaving the country, resulting in more time spent in the great British outdoors watching the weather and trying to predict when the seasons will change (it’s a British thing). Well, I missed Summer and now I’ve missed Autumn so maybe I should focus less on what my calendar says it should look like outside my window and more on what I’m wearing – that can be the telltale sign that a new season has arrived whether it be a Speedo for Summer or a shearling for winter. So if like me you missed it – you can just *leaf* it to me to bring you Autumn.

Shirt Acne Studios, tee Sunspel, trousers COS, trainers Common Projects, bag Prada

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