Room For One

The UK is small, tiny when you really think about it. It’s just some floating rock crawling with people all fighting for their own bit of space and I don’t just mean London, it feels like everywhere you go it is all hustle and bustle, weaving in and out of crowds on sidewalks, pushing past people in bars, and cramming into parks to find a small patch of grass. Maybe it’s just me but either I’ve become way too used to social distancing or it has become too crowded in here. I miss space, I miss remoteness, I miss silence. And that’s a hard thing to find at the moment, it seems like I’m not the only one yearning for solace when even the remote Scottish Highlands are buzzing with tourist groups. But I don’t blame them, the landscape even in all of its barren offering of bleak weather still offers more wonder than any 5 star hotel in London because those you can find around any corner, but you have to go really far to find remoteness like this, especially as in all this space there is really only just room for one.

Knit Acne Studios, trousers Jacquemus

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