Trick Of The Eye…

They say tricks are for kids, but I have to disagree with that. To me, life feels like one constant trick no matter your age. Whether we are tricking other people with social media into thinking our lives are picture perfect or being tricked ourselves into believing we need the latest gadget – at the end of the day it’s just an illusion being built up in our heads. Although lately it has felt like the tricks are all fading or showing their age, the magic of it all has lost it’s awe. But maybe I’ve just been around the block enough times now, especially when it comes to fashion, there are few things I buy that that I haven’t had aesthetically before, the 90’s trend? I lived through that and it was no where near as chic they are trying to convince you it is. But every now and again something does trick you, for me that was a simple cut shirt from Jacquemus with a trompe-l’œil like print that creates an illusion of something more. And weirdly that feels like the only kind of trick I want right now, to appear as something greater than what I currently am. Just don’t blink though, or you might miss the magic.

Shirt Jacquemus, vest 2xist, trousers Maison Kitsune, sandals Birkenstock, sunglasses EMON, bag Prada

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