Escape Plan…

I’m a Londoner, get me out of here. Sound familiar? It does to me. I feel like lately every person I speak to at the moment in London is telling you in one breath how amazing it is, while at the same time complaining about how they need to get out of the city. Not that I’m any different really, except you’ll only find me talking about the latter half. London has just become so boring, so bleak, so outdated. There seems to be less creativity and more chaos. Which says a lot I guess seeing as I chose to move here, I chose to be part of this place and I chose to indulge in its fantasy, but my god has that faded away. So much so that everyday I fantasise about escaping the city and its crowds to go somewhere remote by the coast where things are far more leisurely, calming and enriching. All the things London is failing to deliver at the moment. Maybe I’m getting older or maybe COVID has just changed my mentality but that’s just not worth putting up with. Some please throw this Londoner a rope (attached to a Dior Saddle bag naturally) and get me out of here.

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